Plumbpedia™ 10 - Adjusting Price Pfister Shower Valves - Gilbert Plumbing Video PodCast
Plumbpedia™ 10

Adjusting Price Pfister Shower Valves

Terry Foster demonstrates how to set the temperature limit stop on Price Pfister shower valves.

What is a pressure balanced valve?

Pressure balance valves automatically adjust to compensate for changes in temperature due to water pressure fluctuations, such as when a toilet is flushed. When the balance between cold and hot water flowing out of the showerhead changes, the valve adjusts to maintain the desired temperature at +/- 3 degrees . It prevents hot water scalding or cold-water shock due to pressure fluctuations. Only Price Pfister offers single, two and three-handle Pressure Balance faucets.

The pressure balance valve type used by Price Pfister is the diaphragm valve. The diaphragm cartridge is acknowledged as the best temperature regulation in the industry. It has a larger surface area than a spool valve which means it has a higher sensitivity to pressure changes, is more resistant to jamming from scale deposits and debris in the water, and has higher operating pressure. The Price Pfister patented diaphragm technology provides an excellent cold water failure protection (will shut down hot water with cold water failure), allows larger particles to pass through than the spool valve, and has 10 to 20 times the clearance of a typical spool valves. The one piece diaphragm cartridge makes it easy to install and easy to maintain.

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