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Plumbpedia™ 1

Adjusting Delta Shower Valve Temperature Setting

Marty Hatley explains scald guard protection and demonstrates how to set the temperature limit stop on Delta single handle shower, tub and shower, and tub valves.

   In most of the country adjusting the temperature setting only has to be done once. This is not the case in the Phoenix metro area. The wide temperature swings in the water coming into the house from winter to summer means that the temperature adjustment will have to be done twice a year, in the summer when the water becomes very warm and again in the winter when the water is cold.

  Shower valve temperature setting information at the Delta Faucet Web Site:

  Q: What is a Scald-Guard valve?

   -  Details and a demonstration of Scald Guard.

  Q: Why can't I get enough hot water out of my shower, tub or tub / shower valve?

  Q: What is the adjustable rotational limit stop?

  Q: When or why does the rotational limit stop need to be readjusted?

  Q: How do I set the adjustable rotational limit stop?

  Q: How can I make sure my shower is safe?

  Q: The water in the shower is either hot or cold; I can't get any temperature in-between. What's wrong?

   -  Care and Cleaning

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